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PATRA Co., Ltd., is a consulting firm that specializes in helping corporations maximize their IP portfolios. As an IP-related service planner, PATRA operates a patent/technology exchange and supports Technology Licensing Operations (TLO) in universities. PATRA also offers personnel exchange opportunities between Sun Group and various corporations, or facilitates personnel exchange between two or more outside corporations. To provide clients with more opportunities for exchanging their advanced technologies, PATRA jointly operates a patent marketplace with French and US corporations. PATRA suggests specific ideas for effective patent use particularly in consideration of corporate profits and IP activities

Main Services

Education Services (per clients' needs)

Offers Patra Business Seminars
Dispatches lecturers to client corporations
Offers IP-related raining courses

Support Services for Domestic Intellectual Property

Product Liability (PL) law measurement through the group's associated lawyers.
Assists clients with Licensing Strategies

Support Services for International Intellectual Property Matters

Assists client with international contracts using our Intellectural Law specialists

Operating the Marketplace for Patent and Technology Exchange

PATRA oversees the transfer of unused patents and technologies
among PATRA's member corporations. The group's international
contract law specialists provide advice for drafting, implementing,
and enforcing international contracts.
Technology Licensing Operations (TLO) business is also underway.

Liaison service

Provides a variety of support services for corporate-based
intellectual property.

Personnel exchange services (PATRA club)

PATRA Club is operated by a membership system and provides
opportunities for corporations and personnel exchanges.

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